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Coming together is a beginning

Built on solid science and food safety

Akobe AS is a fusion from 20.09.2013 of 2 daughter companies, Kjernekompetanse AS registered 08.02.2002 and Akobe AS registered 11.08.2006. In February 2017 Akobe AS will have a 15 years history of building and providing competence in bio product development, both for clients and ownership companies, always focusing on solid science and food safety.   

Akobe AS has from the very beginning in 2003, been a driving force in development and commercialization of dietary concepts aimed to strengthen both heart health and general health, based on a blend of pure marine oil and extra virgin olive oil. A dried blood spot (DBS) test to measure the effect of the oil blend in whole blood is an integrated part of the concept. During the years, the purity of the marine component has changed from food grade to pharmaceutical grade, while the extra virgin olive oil is optimized in its content of polyphenols. DBS testing of whole blood has also developed from measuring 2 fatty acids in the beginning of 2009 to 11 fatty acids in 2010, and presently to more than 1000 metabolites enabling the testing for heart health conditions with unmet medical need.   

All development work is conducted in close cooperation with European- and Indian universities and research organizations, supported by National-, Nordic-, European- and Indian Funds.   

The first company to introduce the oil part of the concept was OliVita AS, using seal oil as the source of marine oil. The Basque company Olika sl was selected, already from the beginning, as the extra virgin olive oil supplier, being experienced in both olive oil quality and food safety. Itogha AS expanded the concept by introducing pure fish oil as the marine source, and the first DBS test kit in cooperation with scientists from University of Milan, Italy. BioActive Foods AS introducing a powder variant of the oil product further expanded the concept.  

Both OliVita and Itogha focused from the beginning on the Norwegian food supplements market, while BioActive Foods in cooperation with the Swedish sales company Zinzino AB successfully introduced the omega-6/omega-3 Balance concept internationally through multilevel marketing. The last few years a Dutch company, BioActri BV, has successfully introduced the concept into the animal market, focusing on horses and dogs. Recently LipiDx AS presented a heart health concept for the medical market, including next generation dried blood spot (DBS) based testing for heart health conditions with unmet medical need. The LipiDx concept is developed in close cooperation with the Indian company Lipomic Healthcare Ltd, the first company to introduce our heart and health concept in India. In August 2016 the Icelandic food company Grimur Kokkur launched the first lean fish and vegetarian products having the properties of fatty fish by using the oil blend as an ingredient. The Icelandic food products were developed in cooperation with the Icelandic research organisation Matis.   

In 2015 OHO ehf took the initiative to invite several of the scientific- and commercial actors (above picture) involved in the concept to a joint two day meeting in the Netherlands to explore the possibility of working together to strengthen both the science base, food safety and to expand the concept both in content and geographically. This initiative is followed up in 2016 by a similar consortium meeting in Basque Country.          

                            «Growth is never by mere chance;
                               it is the result of forces working together»

Key persons

Ola Eide
CEO & Founder
Anne Karin Brevig
Controller & Founder
Harmen Hofstra
OHO ehf
Praveen Sharma
CEO LipiDx
Narinder Shani
Lipomic Healthcare
Oddur Mar Gunnarsson
Mónica de Prado
CEO Olika
Asier Albizu
Chairman Olika
Virendra Upadhye
CEO Lipomic Healthcare
Janneke Hofstra
CEO BioActri BV